COMPETE FOR THE CAUSE Eligibility & Divisions

To be considered eligible:


1. Participating companies must have a plant or office based in Monroe or adjacent counties.


2. Individuals must be a current or retired employee of the company or agency being represented, or a volunteer if the organization is a volunteer organization. Spouses or family members not employed by the company or agency may not participate. Each participant may represent only one company.


3. Doctors, or those who practice/work at more than one facility, may participate for only one organization. These physicians must also receive a paycheck from the organization.


4. An individual may participate in any number of events. Individuals may only be on one team per event.


5. Participants must receive a paycheck from the organization they represent in order to be eligible for events.


6. Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.


  • 0 - 49 Employees

    Sponsor fee: $40.00

  • 50 - 149 Employees

    Sponsor fee: $50.00

  • 150 - 349 Employees

    Sponsor fee: $60.00

  • 350 - 999 Employees

    Sponsor fee: $95.00

  • 1,000+ Employees

    Sponsor fee: $135.00


In the event a team member entered in a particular event is unable to participate, any person employed by the company may serve as a substitute provided:

  1. The substitute meets all applicable eligibility requirements, including age, gender, and they are not already in the event.
  2. The substitute has completed and turned in a participation release form.

Any company who successfully recruits a new team will have a $0.00 Sponsor Fee.


If you are unsure about what division your company would qualify for, please contact Matt Osgood at (812) 961-2157 or