Both YMCA branches contain Wellness Centers and weight rooms, including a variety of exercise machines and free weights for strength and cardio training. Machines include:

• Treadmill

• Elliptical

• StairMaster

• Stationary Bike

• StepMill

• NuStep

• Rowing

• Climber

• Cybex Towers & Jungle Gyms

• Embedded Cable Crossover

• Free Motion Machines

• Flat Bench

• Lateral Raise

• Free Weights

• Ab Crunch

• Torso Rotation

• Arm Curl

• Arm Extention

• Overhead Press

• Row/Rear Delt

• Pull Down

• Incline Press

• Fly/Reverse Delt

• Chest Press

• Leg Press

• Leg Extension

• Leg Curl

• Hip Abduction

• And much more!


• You must be 15 or older to use the equipment in the Wellness Center.

• After completing our Youth Strength Training class, persons between the ages of 12-14 are allowed to use the equipment in the Wellness Center. Please be prepared to show membership card with YST sticker.

• Shirts are required in Wellness Center at all times. Shirts are also required to use any piece of exercise equipment regardless of location.

• Gym shoes are required for your own safety. Shoes must have closed toes, closed heel, and a non-skid sole. NO SANDALS.

• Everyone appreciates a clean machine, so please wipe down machine after use.

• Horseplay or inappropriate behavior is not acceptable.

• Bags, balls, and coats are not allowed in Wellness Center.  Please use express lockers.

• When using resistance machines, please do not rest on equipment between sets. When others are waiting, limit your time on the machine to 60 seconds before allowing others to take a turn.

• Failure to follow policies may result in losing Wellness Center and/or YMCA privileges.


     Thank you for being courteous to all members and guests!


Amy Plunkett,

(812) 961-2364


Please sign up before using Wellness Center cardio equipment. You may sign up no more than 2 hours in advance. Please begin using designated equipment within 5 minutes of sign-up time or risk forfeiting that time block on the machine.


Each type of machine may be reserved for up to 30 minutes within a two-hour block. To stay on the same time as other members, please follow the clock in the Wellness Center.


Only YMCA staff are permitted to erase names of those who abuse the above policies or sign-up procedures. Please contact a staff member if you need assistance.


Youth ages 7-11 may use the Walking/Running track with their parent during designated times:

Weekdays from 4-6pm

Saturdays from 11am–3pm

Sundays from 1-4pm


Youth must stay within arm's reach of parent and follow all posted guidelines.