LEAP Learning through Education, Activity and Play

LEAP - Learning through Education, Activity, and Play is an afterschool academic enrichment program, that is a partnership between the Monroe County YMCA and RBBCSC.

It is funded through a four year, 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) grant, from the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). LEAP is aligned with the RBBCSC goals for success, and serves K-5th grade students who attend Edgewood Primary School (EPS) and Edgewood Intermediate School (EIS), throughout the academic year, along with summer camp.

The program strives to cater to individual needs, and provides a balanced and enriching experience through homework help, academic enrichment, health and wellness activities,


Brittany Todd,

21st Century Grant Director

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Kierstin Hale, Site Coordinator

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and free play. The program works hand-in-hand with the parents and teachers to provide the best support for each child; and follows the Indiana Afterschool Network (IAN) Standards for high quality programming that prepare students for success in school and life.

  • Reaching the Highest Standards

    LEAP incorporates the YMCA philosophies and integrates the RBBCSC CLASS Life Goals and subsequent Lifelines to help students achieve those goals, along with following the IAN Standards.

    LEAP provides opportunities for academic enrichment and reinforcement in the areas of math, science, literature, and reading; along with character education and development supported by the RBBCSC’s Lifelines. Additionally, LEAP offers Energize After School, which incorporates “My Plate,” education about healthy food choices, along with movement and physical activities to help youth form healthy habits.

    LEAP uses a number of resources to conduct evaluations to measure performance and to ensure the program is addressing the goals and reflecting the mission. These include: a local evaluator from Indiana University’s Center on Education and Lifelong Learning, a state evaluator from Center for Education and Education Policy (CEEP), along with parent, teacher, and student surveys, and the Indiana Quality Program Self-Assessment.  Together, these results provide feedback that allows LEAP to continually improve the program.

  • LEAP in the Community

    The LEAP program incorporates sessions on health and wellness issues pertaining to youth and parents/guardians through its Community Collaborators. More than a dozen Community Collaborators will provide support and resources to LEAP participants and their families throughout the school year. These organizations assist with LEAP Family Enrichment Nights, to provide tips for parents to better engage, support, and assist children’s academic and personal needs for continued growth and success.  Community Collaborators include: IU Health, Monroe County Public Library, Ivy Tech Community College, Ellettsville Police & Fire Departments, Monroe County Parks & Recreation, RBBCSC Food Services, Monroe County Humane Society, Title I Grant, Area 10 Council on Aging, Monroe County Suicide Prevention Coalition, Indiana University, RBBCSC Family Engagement Services, and Monroe County Youth Council.

  • Can My Child Participate?

    LEAP participants must attend Edgewood Primary or Edgewood Intermediate School in order to attend programming. Please contact your child’s teacher and/or Principal to see about getting your child enrolled in LEAP.

Goals of LEAP:

  • Improving academic performance
  • Positive character development
  • Increasing family engagement
  • Developing healthier lifestyles for program participants
  • Academic achievement
  • Personal growth and responsibility
  • Improving behavior
  • Improving grades
  • Improving test scores